Instead of Submissions

Many people ask us…

-how can I get a poem published at Tweetspeak or in Every Day Poems?
-can I submit an article?
-will you publish my book of poems through T. S. Poetry Press?

This is how it works…

Tweetspeak, Every Day Poems, and T. S. Poetry Press do not accept unsolicited submissions.

In other words, if we are interested in having you write for us, because we think your work is a fit on a topic we need, we will approach you. This saves you from the hard process of submission and receiving a possible decline.

That said, we do love to help you find ways to publish your poems at sites that are looking for submissions. So check out this helpful guide to how to get your poems published.

If You Want Us to Notice Your Work

The best way to potentially get your work noticed at Tweetspeak or Every Day Poems is to become part of our community. Here’s how:

1. Comment on posts

2. Share the Tweetspeak and Every Day Poems things you love, via social media (ping us with an @tspoetry so we know you’re doing it)

3. Read our articles, books, and Every Day Poems to get an idea of our style and themes

4. Participate in our writing prompts, so we can see your work under a “no pressure” situation, and you can also get to know our editors and others at Tweetspeak and Every Day Poems

That’s it. We look forward to getting to know you!

How to Get Your Poems Published

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