I’m loving this walk back in time!!!!

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So many illuminating poems over the years via EDP!

Laura Foley's, "The Quiet Listeners," is very close to my heart. The trees remind me of a dear family member of mine. <3

And "Any Morning," by William Stafford still hangs on the refrigerator, making me smile whenever I read it.

Over the years, my mind returns to "Bread and Roses," by James Oppenheim, shared way back on January 16, 2015.

And then there's Tess Gallagher's, "Choices." <3

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About those favorites...

There was a short one called "Aging" by Yahia Lababidi ....

"like the life stuffing were slowly

being spooned out of me."


And "A Blessing for Writers" by L.L. Barkat. Tactile and colorful. On re-reading it, it makes me wan to fill a special box with special stones and strings and ribbons. And these lines:

"Make something. Know that it is yours."

"Somewhere on this side of the world, I will be holding up a morrir for beautiful you, wearing your beautiful string of words."


How about Stafford's "You Reading This, Be Ready"?

"What can anyone give you greater than now,

starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?


Barbara Crooker's "Instructions for Getting Through to the Other Side"

"Look for one object of beauty every day; it isn't that difficult."

"Be a filament of light in the darkness."


Naomi Shihab Nye in "Shoulders"

"We're not going to be able

to live in this world

if we're not willing to do what he's doing

with one another."


Glynn Young's "Tell me a poem, a story"

"Tell me a poem, a story

of a favored poet or poem,

one that changed your life"


And then way back in 2014, I got a request to print one of my wee poems. It still makes me happy. So I'll share it. Sorry. Not sorry.

Round of cheese

hung high at daybreak

demanded an omelet

before it cracked

the western horizon.

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